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Game inc10
name inc10
creator bo198214
number of roles 1
stylesheet generic/generic.xsl
GDL v1
matches show matches
statistics show game statistics
description count from 1 to 11

Game Description

(role player)
(legal player inc)
(<= (legal player dec) (true (p (f X))))

(init (p 1))
(<= (next (p (f X))) (does player inc) (true (p X)))
(<= (next (p X)) (does player dec) (true (p (f X))))
(terminal <= (true (p (f (f (f (f (f (f (f (f (f (f 1)))))))))))))

(<= (goal player 100) terminal)
(<= (goal player 100) (not terminal))

sees_XML(...) rules

(<= (sees_xml random ?t) (true ?t))
(<= (sees_xml ?p ?t) (role ?p) (distinct ?p random) (true ?t))