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Games (6/11) inc10-2, ...

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name number of players enabled GDL description
inc10-2 1 v1 count from 1 to 11
inc10-3 1 v1 count from 1 to 11
incredible 1 v1
javastrike 2 v1
kalaha_2009 2 v1
kitten_escapes_from_fire 1 v1
knightazons 2 v1
knightfight 2 v1
knightmove 1 v1
knightstour 1 v1
knightthrough 2 v1
knightwar 5 v1
kriegTTT_5x5 2 v2 A GDL-II version of a Krieg-Tictactoe game. In this game, the board has a size of 5x5 cells, the players mark cells simultaneously, and the goal is to achieve a horizontal or vertical line of four pieces of the own color. ...
laikLee_hex 2 v1
latenttictactoe 2 v2
lightson2x2 1 v1
lightsout 1 v1
lightsout2 1 v1
logistics 2 v1 A two-player logistics game. Boxes are distributed over several cities throughout Europe and the goal is to move as many of these as possible to their destination by driving to the box, loading it, driving to the destination and unloading the box there. ...
mastermind 2 v2 GDL version of a simplified Mastermind game (see, e.g., ...
mastermind448 2 v2
max_knights 1 v1
maze 1 v1
meier 3 v2
merrills 2 v1
mimikry 1 v1 GDL version of the single-player board game "Mimikry" by Heinz Meister. ...
minichess 2 v1
minichess-evilconjuncts 2 v1
montyhall 2 v2 GDL version of the Monty Hall game (cf., e.g., J. Rosenhouse: "The Monty Hall Problem", Oxford University Press, 2009 ...
mummymaze1p 1 v1