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name number of players enabled GDL description
frogs_and_toads 1 v1 The frogs start in the lower right square of the board, the toads in the upper left one. The cell in the intersection of the two squares is empty. The player can move a piece (frog or toad) either to a horizontally or vertically adjacent cell if that is empty or jump over another piece onto the empty cell. The goal is to inverse the initial position. ...
Goldrush 2 v1 Two players walk in a labyrinth and search for gold. Each piece of gold on map is worth some points; they all sum to 100. Players can destroy obstacles and place new ones by using items, which can be found in the labyrinth. If both players steps on the same item/gold no one gets it. A player being on a field with an obstacle immediately lose.
Guard_Intruder 2 v1
gameofsquares 2 v1
ggp-course2013_a1 2 v1 game from assignment 1 in GGP course 2013 @ RU
ggp-course2013_jordi 2 v1 The game "Breakthrough-Checkers" is a mixture of Breakthrough and Checkers. It is played on an 8x8 checkers board by two players, white and black. Each player gets 12 pieces in his color that are put on the black tiles on the 3 top-most (black) and bottom-most rows (white). Players take turns in moving one of their pieces according to the rules in Checkers: ...
ggp-course2013_michal13 2 v1
ggp-course2013_nicolai 2 v1 Breakthrough Checkers for General Game Playing course at RU, 2013.
ghostmaze2p 2 v1
god 1 v1
golden_rectangle 2 v1
grid_game 2 v1
grid_game2 2 v1
gt_attrition 2 v1
gt_centipede 2 v1
gt_chicken 2 v1
gt_prisoner 2 v1
gt_ultimatum 2 v1
guard_intruder 2 v1
guard_intruder_test 2 v1
guess 2 v1
guess6 2 v2
HEKA 2 v1 game of card and dice
hallway 2 v1
hanoi 1 v1
hanoi7 1 v1
hanoi7_bugfix 1 v1
hanoi_6_disks 1 v1
hitori 1 v1
inc10 1 v1 count from 1 to 11 ...