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Games (4/11) connectfoursuicide, ...

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name number of players enabled GDL description
connectfoursuicide 2 v1
coopconn4 4 v1 Connect Four played in two teams of two players each ...
crisscross 2 v1
crissrace 2 v1
crossers3 3 v1
cube_2x2x2 1 v1 small version of Rubik's Cube ...
cubicup 2 v1
cubicup_3player 3 v1
cylinder-checkers 2 v1
DotsAndBoxesExperimental 2 v1
DoubleAuctionDJ 3 v1
dobutsushogi 2 v1
doubletictactoe 2 v1
doubletoetictac 2 v1
double_tictactoe_dengji 2 v1
dualconnect4 2 v1 Dual Connect 4 is a disjunctively factorable joining of Connect4 and Connect4 Suicide. You win if you win on either board. ...
duplicatestatelarge 1 v1
duplicatestatemedium 1 v1
duplicatestatesmall 1 v1
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 3 v2
endgame 2 v1
eotcatcit 2 v1
eotcitcit 2 v1
farmers 3 v1
farmingquandries 2 v1 The board begins as an empty, unclaimed 4x4 grid. Players' actions influence columns and rows of the board. A player claims unclaimed tiles by using the "plow" action. Players can use the "sow" action to sow plowed tiles that belong to them. The "water" action will convert sown tiles to ripe tiles. Finally, if a player uses the "harvest" action on a row or column that contains three or more ripe tiles that belong to him, he gets 10 points. Each of the standard actions can only be performed in a certain season (winter, spring, summer, fall respectively). In addition, every two years, players obtain a "burn" action which clears an entire row or column. Ripe tiles revert to unclaimed tiles in winter, but other tile states persist. ...
fighter 2 v1 Discretized and simplified GGP version of the well-known arcade game "Street Fighter". ...
firefighter 1 v1
firesheep 2 v1 In a desert land, players must herd sheep to feed at their meager grass patches in the middle of the board. Players have three powers that influence individual sheep at their disposal: burn, freeze, and a one-time-use kill. Sheep will move in the direction they have previously been moving if they are left alone. A "burn" action will set a sheep on fire. A burning sheep will remain on fire for one turn and turn to the left once. Any sheep that are on the same tile as a burning sheep will themselves be set on fire. A frozen sheep will not move for one turn, but will turn to the right when it thaws. Since players make moves simultaneously, it is possible for a sheep to be both frozen and on fire. In this case, the frozen state takes precedence. A burning sheep will burn away grass tiles over which it traverses. A player will gain 10 points by having at least one sheep on one of his grass patches for two consecutive turns. ...
fizzbuzz 1 v1 Play a FizzBuzz game from 1 to 30.
four_way_battle 4 v1