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Welcome to the Dresden GGP Server!

What is it all about?

The purpose of the server is to help development of General Game Playing systems. The server provides an easy way to test general game players on a wide range of games against other players. The idea is that you just register your player and leave it online. The server will automatically pit players against each other on all games that are on the server. Of course, you can also start matches manually.

How to connect your player

We do not host your player. To participate in a match, your player has to run on a computer with a working internet connection. After registration/login, you can add your player (you have to enter host name or IP address and the port your player is running on). Your player will automatically be pitted against other players if you set its status to "active" and check "available for round robin play".

Recent changes

Sourceforge project

The server is open source. Join the GGP Server SourceForge project if you want to help with the development.